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Street Racing Game

0.99 usd

Street Racers is an a new top view racing game with more features than any other.Race against opponents to win money to buy new and faster cars. Sell your cars, Race opponents for their cars in this old school top down 2D racing game with a difference. online openfeint leaderboards for Best Lap Times and Total Race Times.
Street Racers Features* 14 cars to Drive! Speed and handling specific* 5 Race Tracks* Openfeint leaderboards
*** Cheat Code! ***Race as a Formula 1 (F1) car!Tip: Own at least one Ferrari, and have over $1,000,000 in your bank.Once on the "Select Car" screen, Have the Ferrari highlighted, the "Right" Button will then dim, tap the right button a few times until you hear a F1 car sound.Tap the "Lets Race" button and you will have the F1 car to Race!! Careful as it is super fast, and it will count to the leaderboards on openfeint!